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8 Common Reasons for Dental Phobias

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dental phobias dentist charlotteNot only are dental phobias extremely common, there are lots of common reasons that dental patients fear the dentist. Even if you have found a nice dentist in Charlotte who offers the latest in cosmetic dentistry, you might find yourself struggling to overcome your deeply-seated dental phobias. What’s the best way to overcome your dental fears? Start by identifying the true root of the problem. Once the problem has been uncovered, the dentist will be better able to assist you in managing it.

In a recent survey, dental patients reported these issues as the 8 most common causes of their dental phobias:

  1. A bad childhood dental experience. Possibly the most common reason for dental phobias, a scary or painful childhood experience can develop into a lifelong fear of dentists.
  2. Fear of pain. The possibility or thought of feeling pain is often worse than the actual pain itself. Anyone with extremely sensitive teeth, tender gums, or a low tolerance for pain are particularly vulnerable to this fear.
  3. Fear of needles. Many patients suffer from a strong and irrational fear of needles and injections, even if they trust the dentist completely.
  4. Fear of being out of control. It’s normal to feel apprehensive when you can’t see what’s going on and have no control over what’s happening.
  5. Fear of the dental drill. Many dental patients compare the high-pitched sound of the dental drill to the sound of nails on a chalkboard.
  6. Fear of embarrassment. There is no judgement in the dental office, but the fear of feeling embarrassed keeps lots of adults away from the dentist.
  7. Fear of the dental smell. Dental materials and disinfectants have a distinct smell that can be unnerving for some patients.
  8. Fear of gagging or choking. A strong gag reflex can be triggered by many of the procedures used in dentistry. Gagging, choking, or coughing can make a dental patient feel anxious and embarrassed.

The dentist takes your fears seriously, and there are solutions for all of them—as long as you communicate honestly about what you are feeling. Contact a Charlotte dentist to discuss your concerns today.

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