If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“I have a great fear of the dentist.  This goes way back to my first visit as a child and experience with the dentist as an adult. I have not been to the dentist in a long time because of this and the bad experiences I’ve had. I was really upset by this visit before hand and dreaded it. But from the first time I stepped into Charlotte Dental Arts, I was put at ease and made to feel very comfortable. The whole visit was nice and I was made to feel peaceful the whole time. I would highly recommend Dr. Porter to anyone with the same needs as I have or anyone looking for a great dentist. I look forward to getting treatment I need for a better feeling about myself and a better looking smile.”

-Linda H.

“I was a new resident to Charlotte and had not yet found a dentist. As fate would have it, one of my permanent dental crowns fell out of my mouth. After hearing of my dilemma, Charlotte Dental Arts and Dr. Porter’s staff found me an appointment the very same day! This just doesn’t happen very often to a brand new patient. That gesture of sympathy and a competent repair of my dental crown assured me that I was in the right office. I have already made an appointment for further dental services. Charlotte Dental Arts really “hit a home run!”

-John L.

“I first met Dr. Porter and Charlotte Dental Arts as an emergency patient before dental insurance was an option for me. I was a mess!  Dr. Porter and his staff developed a treatment plan by providing photos which visually enforced the necessary procedures to prevent a lifetime of dental tragedies.  No one should go through life thinking that the cost is too high and that dental procedures can wait. Charlotte Dental Arts stands behind their work and believe in exemplary service. I can say that I have never had any issues with my “Porter Project!”

-Cathy S.

“I would highly recommend Charlotte Dental Arts and his team! His staff sent me reminder e-mails regarding my appointment, introduced themselves and remembered my name throughout the appointment. They also made sure that I felt comfortable throughout my entire visit. Charlotte Dental Arts truly goes the extra mile to provide their patients the BEST care possible, ensuring a quality doctor-patient relationship and providing knowledge and support regarding your dental health, treatment plans, X-ray results, etc. This was the best dental appointment I have ever had!!”

-Hanna P.

“Everyone on the staff of Charlotte Dental Arts really goes above and beyond to give wonderful service.  From scheduling an appointment to professional and thorough exams, as well as patiently explaining costs and insurance coverage. Dr. Porter and Charlotte Dental Arts really turn what is normally a nerve wracking visit into a pleasant and comfortable experience. I should also mention the office is beautiful and has some of the most high-tech equipment I’ve seen right in the exam room.  I am so glad to have found Charlotte Dental Arts!  I know I’m in great hands!”

-Laura W.

“As a patient of Dr. Porter’s and Charlotte Dental Arts for more than 15 years,  I would highly recommend their services. Appointment making is always easy and I love the e-mail reminder when my appointment is coming up. I am always promptly greeted and serviced, all while everyone is super nice and friendly.  It must be a good place to work because the staff is always smiling and he has very little turnover which is nice because you really get to know the people who work there. Dr. Porter himself is always knowledgeable and it’s clear he keeps his training and equipment up to date.  He also will recommend treatment based on what he would do for himself or his family.  The office is a really nice, clean environment and I love the TV’s in each room for the times when I have had more involved work done.  I can’t say enough about what a great place this is to get dental work done in Charlotte!  It’s always a first class experience at Charlotte Dental Arts.”

-Meghan P.

“As a small business owner, I don’t have the benefit of corporate health insurance or dental insurance policies like I used to. My wife and I chose to come to Charlotte Dental Arts based on the fact they they make payment plans and offer dentistry that can fit into our budget. I was blown away by the experience!  I was greeted at the door by name (This is seldom done at other offices in health care but makes the biggest impact on people!), had a wait that was less than 5 minutes before I was called back, and the office was very clean and modern. I had chipped a molar which had been mentioned to me at the past three cleanings at another dental office and they had all recommended treatment which I declined each time because they never really explained to me the procedure or the positives and the negatives.  Charlotte Dental Arts really took the time to explain what was going on with my teeth to make them start chipping and why I might want to get treatment and why I might want to wait.  It was explained to me in a way that made sense to me instead of the pushy treatment I had gotten at previous dental offices.  Thanks to the education, I know how to plan for the costs and will be scheduling treatment soon. Overall, Charlotte Dental Arts is a cut above the rest!”

-Joseph C.

“Everyone at Charlotte Dental Arts is friendly, helpful and always ready to give you the best visit possible! I recommend the spa cleaning experience that comes at no charge! It’s nice to be able to have your hands in paraffin wax and the music on that calmed my nerves!  What a wonderful way to get through what can sometimes be unpleasant and noisy! At Charlotte Dental Arts, dental cleanings are actually relaxing and a getaway from work and life!  Dr. Porter also helped me to finally stop being afraid of going to the dentist!  I can get sedated with a few pills and have my dental work done while sleeping….So easy!”

-Nicole H.